Mar 16, 2018

Did Kudlow Put In A Floor For Gold Prices?

Larry Kudlow shares his views on gold and the US Dollar.

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Mar 15, 2018

Markets: Trump, Kudlow, Tariffs

What is Larry Kudlow done most of his life? He's been a TV personality like Trump. Yes he has worked at Bear Sterns for a while but most people know him from CNBC as a commentator and he has a lot of connections, he's regarded on Wall Street and I think this is the president trying to make that overture. This is all about show remember he's a showman.

I think that Kudlow is ultimately going to come out in support of whatever tariffs the president wants to adopt. Maybe they'll pretend that Kudlow had some influence on maybe targeting the tariffs in the right direction. Nothing has changed simply because Larry Kudlow has been has been nominated. It simply to me indicates a kind of a smart move on the part of the President given the agenda that he wants to pursue.

Markets: US Dollar, Gold

Even with today's bad economic data even with the downward revision by the Atlanta Fed the US Dollar was up slightly today. Gold was flat, it didn't really go anywhere. Nobody really perceives what's going to happen.

Retail Sales: Down 3 Months In A Row

Instead of getting a rebound we got another drop, we got another point one percent decline in February. That's a trifecta, that's three months in a row of falling retail sales. That hasn't happened in six years, I mean this is pretty rare. If you're like me and you've been very skeptical of the economy being good this is a validation because Americans are broke!

Mar 13, 2018

Bitcoin Is Nothing Like Gold

Bitcoin is nothing like gold despite the fact that you have all this terminology that was deliberately used to make it sound like gold. You mine Bitcoin, right? No,  there's no mines, there's no pitchforks there's nobody out there, there's no mine right? But you create them but they said it's mining and there's miners to make it sound like gold. They make the Bitcoin look like gold, it's color it looks like a coin made of gold. That's done for a reason. To create the false impression that you're buying something like gold.

Bitcoin: We've Seen The Peak In The Bubble Already

The bigger story is gonna be the money that's lost. There's gonna be so many people that are gonna lose a tremendous amount of money in these crypto currencies. There's a pretty good chance that we've seen the peak in the bubble already.

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